Safety Notice for International Students

Religious Activities

The freedom of religious belief of foreigners within Chinese territory is respected and protected by the law.

Religious activities are only allowed in designated religious sites. Missionary activities are strictly forbidden on campus. Aliens shall not preach and organize religion, establish religious organizations, set up religious offices, sites for religious activities or run religious institutions, not may they develop followers, appoint religious personnel or engage in other missionary activities.

Traffic Vehicles

Aliens shall not drive motor vehicles in campus.


Aliens shall not enter laboratories and areas closed to aliens without prior permission.

Apartment Renting

Before you rent an apartment off-campus, first make sure that the lessor has valid ownership or business management right of the apartment for lease.

When renting from an estate agency, confirm the competency of the business and check the written contract with the lessor or agency carefully. Though the contract may be written in Chinese, you should better find some Chinese friends to accompany with you. It is also suggested that you compare the situation and price of apartments for renting from different agencies to make a better choice.