Notice on Traffic Safety

To students:

Accidents and injuries are frequently occurred recently, and the Department of Campus Management and Security requires all students not to buy or to ride illicit electric bikes and motors. Those who already have illicit electric motorcycles or motors must dispose of them and shall not drive them again.

An electric bicycle must be registered to the local police station. When driving an electric bicycle, please control the speed to avoid accidents and don’t carry any other person. It is illegal to ride electric bikes in the fast lane according to the China's Traffic Law.

Riding an electric bike without a license plate will be fined after July, 2011. Students without license plates should go to the Police Substation, Traffic Cop (Police) Troopers, or Department of Campus Management and Security to register along with the receipt, qualification certificate and passport.

If you have no idea about China's traffic law, please see the traffic law on the Laws & Regulations section in this website.

Department of Campus Management and Security

June 26, 2014