Guidelines on how to apply for a Smart Card for Parking

  Employees of Nanjing University of Science and Technology can apply for the Smart Card for Parking for their own vehicles and the vehicles of their spouse, son, daughter or parent according to rules and regulations. In applying for aSmart Card for Parking, applicants shall complete the following procedures:

a). produce employee’s identity card or campus card and vehicle license;

b). present certificate to prove the relationship when apply for the Smart Card for Parking for employee’s spouse, son, daughter or parent;

c). external employees should show the employment agreement or certificate and their visas;

d). fill in application forms in Chinese with the help of colleagues;

f). go through the procedures in Department of Campus Management and Security.

  After completing the procedures, qualified applicants will receive the notice to get their Smart Card for Parking. The card should be installed in the corresponding vehicle, and it will have no effect in other cars.

  The Smart Card for Parking requires annual inspection by the end of the year. Owners should go through the formalities and pay for fees by the due date (see the specific time in the website). The expired Smart Card for Parking will automatically become inactive.