Safety Notice for Summer Vacation

1.Asking for leave.

A form is needed to be filled and submitted to the School of International Education Office.

2.Travel Safety.

Keep yourself safe and don’t leave your belongings unattended in public spaces. When you travel, leave every expensive clothes and jewelry at home. If you look wealthy, you invite thieves and fraud. Stay in physical contact with your bags unless they are locked in your room.

Check your major documents and keep them in a separate part of your luggage. And it is best, before you leave, to make photocopies of your passport and visas. If your passport is lost or stolen, these copies can help you get it replaced faster.

Traveling with companions is suggested. Don’t put yourself in danger.

3.Dorm Safety.

Be careful not to overload electrical outlets. Keep all doors locked at night and every time you leave your home. Turn off all the electric appliances before leaving the dorm.