Self-protection Guidelines


1. For safety reason, if you live alone in your apartment off-campus, do not let strangers enter your apartment easily.

If somebody claims that he/she is coming to collect the fee of water, electric, gas, etc and asks you to pay, please do check the identification of the person and call the property management or the landlord to confirm. Some criminals pretend to be the staff with false identifications to cheat foreigners for money. There are reports that some foreign students have encountered such defrauding cases because of credulity.

2. In public places, especially in the crowd, such as buses and subways, do not check and count your money and other valuable belongings, as it easily attracts the attention of thieves. Do not hang the valuable electrical equipments such as mobile phone, mp3 players on your neck, as they usually become the target of forcible seizure crimes. Keep alert on the suspicious persons around and watch out the theft.

3. Give the bag to the robber when it is grabbed. Do not resist in case of being harmed. Call for help and call the police as soon as possible.

4. Keep your address and telephone number with the staff of School of International Education updated and leave the contact of School of International Education of the university to your family. Remind your family and friends that if they cannot contact you, ask NUST for help. Normally, if any student is in any case of emergency, the university will be informed by the police or hospital at the first time. As soon as informed, the university will send staff to assist and inform the embassy to contact the family.

Therefore, if some stranger calls your family and claims that he/she is a policeman or medical care personnel, and asks your family to transfer money for medical treatment as soon as possible because you are in hospital for accident or sudden disease. Keep calm because it is probably a defrauding case. If your family cannot contact you, call the university and the embassy first for confirmation.

5. Pay special attention to fire prevention.

Keep cautious when using fire, gas and electric heating equipments in apartments off-campus. Do not smoke in bed, and do not use candle or mosquito-repellent incense in the mosquito net or near the curtains.

6. Do not addict to alcohol. Excessive alcohol is seriously harmful to the health and the loss of mind in drunkenness easily causes accidental injury, conflicts, violent incidents, or sexual assault.