Security Education Lecture for NUST International Students

With the internationalization development of the school, the number of foreign students in NUST has been growing rapidly. In order to strengthen the safety management of international students, Ni Hao, the Chief Officer of the Security Section of Department of Campus Management and Security(DCMS) gave a security lecture for more than 500 foreign students on December10th, 2014 at 3p.m.. Shang Lingling, Captain of Exit&Entry Administration Office of Nanjing Public Security Bureau, Sun Dongping, Dean of the School of International Education, and Li Hongtao, Director of DCMS attended the lecture. On behalf of the NUST, Director Li of DCMS invited Xiaolingwei police officer, Zhang Qingsheng, as the safe counselor for international students.

At the beginning of the lecture, the Chief Officer of the Security Section informed safety inspection results on foreign students’ apartments on December 9th. By introducing Regulations on the Management of International Students in NUST, Chief Ni presented safety knowledge and detailed cases from three aspects, including fire safety, traffic and public security for foreign students. The lecture received good response from foreign students.