Series of pick-pocketing case in school’s dining hall have been solved and three suspects are arrested

November 24, 2014: Since November, pick-pocketing cases have occurred in Mingyuan dining hall. Many students’ mobile phones were stolen there. After receiving the report, the Department of Campus Management and Security attached great importance to these cases and organized the security officers to analyze the cases carefully. Through theanalysis and investigation, DCMS mastered the background of the pickpocket gang and the physical characteristics of related suspects. DCMS arranged security department officers to intensify patrols and wait there. On November 24th afternoon at 5:50, the three suspects were caught by the officers, including two suspects had picked pockets in campus before. At present, the suspects have been taken to police station for further processing.

Winters are high-occurrence seasons for the pick-pocketing cases. As the weather turns cold, DCMS reminded teachers and students should maintain keen vigilance at all times and strengthen awareness of prevention when you enter crowded areas. At the sametime, students and teachers need to ensure safety in dormitory, offices, and home to avoid any personal injury and property loss.